Almost 90% of searchers select a listing from the first page of Google – SEO has never been more important


Increase traffic, enquiries and sales

Our approach to SEO goes beyond search positions. We consider everything from the user intent behind a keyword, to its commercial value, to make sure we’re driving traffic that’s highly relevant and most likely to convert. We also pay attention to your click through rate, to make this traffic work even harder.

We’ll also strategically pursue terms that have a high search volume, putting together a strategy that encompasses onsite and offsite activity. We then use data to shape and inform our campaigns, so that they have the biggest impact on your business


A holistic approach to SEO

Google’s algorithm is made up of more than 200 ranking factors, and it’s understanding the subtleties and nuances of these that gives us the edge.

Our SEO campaigns are formed of many different factors, from optimising the code behind your pages, to technical fixes, to creating insightful, informative content.

Onsite optimisation puts your site in the best technical health

Google takes into consideration your earned, owned and paid media. Naturally, you have the most control over your owned media, which is why it’s so important to get this aspect right. This includes your website.

We always start with an in-depth audit, assessing your website within the framework of our comprehensive 44-point checklist, helping us to identify any issues with your site’s coding, structure, design or content that could potentially be restricting its performance in search.

We live and breathe Google, staying ahead of trends and algorithm updates to keep you ahead of the competition.

Carefully considered link building gives you the power to rank for your targeted search terms

Link building is still a crucial part of SEO; Google makes judgements about your site, and therefore where to rank you, based on your link profile. The quality, quantity, relevance and recency of your backlinks allows Google to establish how trusted and popular your site is.

It’s also one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of SEO. It’s important to work with a company that truly understands the importance of a natural and high-quality backlink profile.

We take a content-led approach to link building, seeking out partnerships and collaborations, editorial opportunities, blogging, creating press releases, and searching for high quality directories. Wherever we’re looking to get featured, we’ll take into consideration relevance, domain authority, traffic and social signals. Examining the link profiles of your competitors also helps us to identify new opportunities.


How we work

Getting to understand your business and the space you sit within is crucial for us to create content that really gets to the heart of what you do, as well as understand what we need to do to overtake those around you.

A technical site audit and competitor research gives us the best framework to build a strategy around. We’ll always be upfront about the work we’re doing, and are more than happy to talk you through our plans. Our clients can be as involved as they wish during the process, but we do generally find that the more we collaborate, the more you get out of your campaign.

It’s no secret that SEO agencies do have an unfortunate reputation for poor communication, but we work hard against that stereotype, with regular communication and reporting. We’re open, honest, friendly people, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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