Google Adwords Management

When it comes to PPC, the work doesn’t end with the setup or optimisation of a campaign. For the best results, we need to be checking the AdWords account on a regular basis, testing a variety of targeting approaches and monitoring click-through data to generate better conversions. And as your business switches its focus to promoting different products and services, we need to make sure our work complements your overall marketing strategy by targeting your core audiences at the right times.

Consistently monitoring and optimising a Pay Per Click account can quickly eat into your company’s time and resources. When you outsource your Google Adwords account management to professional PPC managers, you can rest assured that you will receive an effective, cost-efficient service that’s designed to maximise your return from paid search channels.

Pay Per Click Account Management

It’s also important that we keep a firm hold on your click spend. All of our PPC accounts are capped with a daily spend limit to ensure we stay well within your specified budget.

As part of our Google AdWords Pay Per Click management service, we will provide you with a wealth of customisable reports that will determine how much traffic you have received from paid search, where your users have come from, and how their interaction has impacted on your click spend.

We will use all of this information to continually update your PPC strategy, incorporating extensive keyword research and competitor analysis into our plan and consulting with you regularly to ensure you’re aware of any changes we make to the account.

To learn more about our Google AdWords management services, enquire today.

Our Google Adwords Service

To get the best from your Google Adwords account, it needs constant management and refinement.

Google regularly brings changes and updates, and these need to be taken into consideration to ensure your campaign is as effective as possible and bringing in the maximum number of conversions.

Unsurprisingly, mobile technology is at the forefront of the latest updates, and anyone using Google Adwords must follow, or at least pay close attention to Google’s “mobile first” focus.

In addition to this general shift towards mobile-centric campaigns, there are more specific changes that can affect all advertisers.

For example, Google famously eliminated its right side ads from desktop results pages at the beginning of 2016 to create a more uniform experience across all devices and platforms. This was then followed up by new expanded text ads that can convey far more information to searchers.

A similar example is location-related searches tied in to Google Maps, displaying advertising information to viewers as they scroll across the map.

These innovations present a great opportunity for advertisers to give better and more targeted information to potential customers – with the additional benefit of getting ahead of competitors who are slower to react to these kinds of changes.


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