Digital PR

We raise your profile, shape opinions and start conversations, and it begins with intelligent content and earned media.


Our approach to Digital PR

We believe that the “Digital” in Digital PR should come first. Rather than being reserved as a means to promote your content, digital can, and should, be the starting point of your strategy.

We use digital tools and data to decide where and how to tell your story. Then it’s our creativity, copywriting skills and contacts that help us spread your message far and wide, drawing upon other marketing channels for further impact.

How is digital PR different to traditional PR?

Like traditional PR, digital PR uses trusted third parties to raise your profile and bridge the gap between your brand and its audience. Fundamentally it works with the same end goal in mind, but it’s how and where its spreads your message that’s a little different.

With digital PR, we take the core principles of PR and make them measurable. We still want to influence how people see you, but we also want to track how many people come across your brand, how they engage with you, and help to drive more people to your website.

Digital PR & SEO

With Google’s algorithms continually evolving in favour of original, meaningful and insightful content, it makes sense that SEO and digital PR are becoming inseparable.

Coverage from highly relevant, trusted and popular news sites, magazines and social platforms is then just as valuable for SEO as it is for PR.

We combine our PR instincts with SEO tools and data to give you the best of both worlds.

What we do

We’ll always shape the channels and techniques we use to your objectives. See a few of our methods below:

Local & national press coverage
Award entries and promotion
Press releases
Case studies
Content marketing
Social media campaigns
Trade press coverage


Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital PR?

Digital PR is much like traditional PR in that it seeks to raise your profile, and shape opinions of your brand, but it’s also driven by data from digital tools – for example we might use tools to find the best topics to cover at the best time, or to identify target publications. Digital PR can also be amplified using other digital channels such as social media or email marketing for example.

Digital PR is also becoming a key part of SEO campaigns too. The kind of coverage we secure online as part of your digital PR strategy, also means mentions and links from a variety of relevant and authoritative websites, helping to increase your search rankings.

Why is digital PR important?

PR will always be important; how brands appear to their target audience impacts everything. And because the world we live in is becoming increasingly digital, it makes sense that digital PR is therefore important too. You need to be where your audience are, and right now, more often than not, that’s online.

As we mention above too, digital PR is becoming a more crucial part of SEO as well. Google is increasingly taking a more natural approach to its search algorithms, favouring sites that are indicated to be a recommended provider, and by associating yourself with online new sites and magazines, you can influence Google’s perception of your business.

How can I measure digital PR?

One of the great things about digital PR, is that it’s measurable. For decades PR professionals have struggled to quantify the impact of their role, and whilst it’s still difficult to calculate a change of sentiment from your audience, what we can do is look at metrics like the traffic your coverage brings you, the change in the domain authority of your site, increase in search positions, or the number of impressions your social posts achieved. We believe that digital PR should be about more than just raising awareness.

What’s the difference between digital PR and outreach?

Put simply, outreach is one part of PR. We might put together a press release for you and reach out to relevant news sites via phone or email, or we might pitch editorial ideas to your most coveted magazines – we’d call this outreach. But there are also parts of digital PR that don’t involve outreach –  for example we might be putting together an award entry for you.

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