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Our approach to Digital PR

Digital PR is a game changer when it comes to securing coverage for your business. It offers new ways to promote your business, providing the opportunity to reach audiences on a global scale, offering a much wider footprint than traditional PR. It's easier to measure too.

We use digital tools and data to decide where and how to tell your story. We'll write creative narratives which grab the attention of your audiences and call upon our established network of contacts to help us spread your message far and wide.

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A new approach to PR.

Like traditional PR, digital PR uses trusted third parties to raise your profile and bridge the gap between your brand and audience. Whilst fundamentally it works in a similar way, the method of distribution is very different.

With digital PR, we take the core principles of PR and make them measurable. Whilst traditional PR is measured by the amount of coverage received, digital PR allows us to track how people engage with your brand and your website, and monitor conversions as a result.

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How digital PR helps SEO

Google continues to favour original, meaningful and insightful content, therefore it makes sense that SEO and digital PR go hand in hand.

Coverage from highly relevant, trusted and popular news sites, magazines and social platforms is just as valuable for SEO as it is for your brand.

We’ll always tailor the channels and techniques we use to your specific objectives. We can help produce digital PR campaigns for a range of areas including:

  • Editorials
  • Advertorials
  • Interviews
  • Awards
  • Press releases
  • Case studies
  • Social media campaigns
  • Trade articles

Our Approach to digital PR

How we work with every client

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Builds Authority

Digital PR builds your brands authority by linking your site and your content to other reputable brands. By obtaining high quality links, search engines will view your site and content as an authority in its field. Authoritative links help increase your overall website performance and traffic and therefore, your return on investment.

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Generates Awareness

Digital PR helps you tell your story to an online audience, a proven tactic to help build brand reputation and awareness. By publishing your content on high-authority sites, and gaining backlinks, you’re more likely to rank higher in search engines, which means you’ll be more visible to your target audience.

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Enhances SEO

Digital PR is much more than just backlining. Pitching great stories to relevant sites and journalists to encourage them to link to your content, however, does help to support your SEO strategy. A link from one website to another helps give Google and other search engines confidence.

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Boosts Reputation

PR is a long-term strategy as online content is essentially visible forever. Quality content signals to search engines and readers that you’re a credible source of information. Digital PR offers numerous benefits in addition to acquiring links, such as influencing purchases, building relationships and increasing engagement.

Recent case studies

We have a strong background in search, complemented by our extensive expertise in all aspects of digital marketing including website design, digital PR, content and social media strategy.

Halls Property Group
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Hey Presto
Organic Impressions

New Enquiries

Keyword Positions
Simplicity Smart Lockers
Organic Traffic


New Leads
Essex Tree Brothers
Business Growth

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Conversion Rate
Fambridge Care
Organic traffic

Time on page

Business Growth
Power Developments
New Users

Bounce Rate

Click Spend
Horton & Garton
New Users

Bounce Rate

Click Spend
London Drainage
Organic traffic

Traffic increase

Top 3 keywords
What is digital PR?

Digital PR is much like traditional PR in that it seeks to raise your profile and shape opinions of your brand, but it’s also driven by data. For example we can use data to find the best topics to cover, or identify target publications. Digital PR can also be amplified using other channels such as social media or email marketing.

Digital PR is also becoming a key part of SEO too. The coverage we secure online as part of your digital PR strategy, also provides links from a variety of relevant and authoritative websites, helping to increase your search rankings.

How can I measure digital PR?

One of the great things about digital PR is that it’s highly measurable. For decades PR professionals have struggled to quantify the impact of their role due to the difficulty of measuring brand awareness. However, digital PR is about more than just raising awareness. We can look at metrics like traffic received, the domain authority of your site, increase in search positions, or number of impressions.

Why is digital PR important?

PR will always be important; brand reputation among your target audience impacts all of your marketing efforts. However, the world we live in is becoming increasingly digital, therefore you need to be where your audience are. More often than not, that’s online.

Digital PR is also becoming increasingly important to SEO. Google continues to take a more natural approach to its search algorithms, favouring sites that meet ranking factors such as quality, relevance and authority. By associating yourself with these sites, you can influence Google’s perception of your business.

What’s the difference between digital PR and outreach?

Put simply, outreach is just one part of digital PR. We might put together a press release for you and reach out to relevant news sites or pitch editorial ideas to your most coveted magazines. But there are also parts of digital PR that don’t involve outreach, such as putting together an award entry for you, or a whitepaper which could add value to your audiences.