Content Outreach

The process of reaching out to online bloggers is arguably the most vital component of a content marketing plan, but it’s also the most time-consuming.

Striking up genuine personal relationships with other writers in a certain niche takes more than a couple of generic emails – sometimes, establishing publishing agreements with some of the top bloggers in an industry can take weeks, months, or even years.

At FSE Digital, we’re highly experienced in content outreach. We’ve spent years contacting bloggers and cementing fantastic placement opportunities for our clients, and we know how to manage our connections effectively.

But we also appreciate that we need to constantly search for new opportunities if we’re to continue to offer great value content marketing packages, which is why we invest heavily in on-going placement research.

What’s involved in contacting bloggers?

Before establishing contact with external bloggers, we need to assess a blog to ensure it’s a suitable home for our client’s content. We look at a number of different factors, including the amount of traffic the blog receives, who else contributes to it, and how authoritative the domain is in search.

We then reach out to the blogger to see if they are willing to accept guest content from a writer with expertise in their field. The cost of the placement is negotiated, topics are discussed and links are agreed before a piece of content is written by our copywriting team and sent to the blogger for their approval.

All of our content outreach is recorded for complete transparency. The cost of contacting bloggers and arranging link opportunities can be incorporated into an on-going SEO package, or alternatively we can offer content outreach as a stand-alone service.

For more information on our content outreach services, please speak to a member of the FSE team, or contact us here.


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