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12% New Users
262% Bounce Rate
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Horton & Garton are a West London Estate Agent, operating in the areas of Chiswick, Hammersmith and Shepherd’s Bush.

Horton & Garton specialise in sales and lettings in the mid-range property market. They were starting to lose market share locally and set about looking for a full-service agency that could help them to digitise their presence with SEO, Google Ads and Website development.

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The Solution

As part of their tender criteria, Horton & Garton asked for demonstrable knowledge within the property industry and chose FSE Digital due to our extensive experience in the market.

Whilst carrying out an SEO audit, it became clear that the client was ranking for the wrong type of traffic. A lot of their content was geared towards topical local news.

We devised a strategy to change Google’s view of the company as a local news portal, with a content plan geared towards their target keywords, audience, and locations, including local area guides.

Additionally, we set up dedicated branch pages which created relevancy for each of the local areas and saw immediate upturn in rankings. We built out multiple pages focused on key terms to help rank higher in organic search.

The existing website was broken in the back end and the client regularly had to refer to the original developer to fix it. The site was not mobile responsive and performance was poor.

The client quickly realised it would be more cost effective for FSE Digital to rebuild the site. Within a matter of weeks, we were able to replicate the existing site onto WordPress with a new custom-built CMS. The new site was optimised for conversions and SEO.

The Results

  • Implemented SEO strategy focusing on local search for branches
  • Number of new site users increased by 12%
  • Website bounce rate dropped by over 262%
  • AdWords click spend reduced by 42%


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Client testimonial

10/10. Completely reliable. We left our previous SEO experts due to lack of communication. The team at FSE Digital have been excellent. Highly recommended.

John Horton