More People Watch The Movie Than Read The Book

Video streaming and social media marketing are vital tools for reaching a wide audience. Facebook’s latest offering provides a combination of both.

The blog is dead, long live the vlog. While that might be something of an exaggeration – the fact that you are reading this proves it is not entirely true – there is no denying that video content is growing in importance as a way of engaging with existing and potential customers and increasing site traffic. The fact is that given a choice between reading a page of words or watching a video, more people will choose the latter.

Posting video content to your site is the obvious solution, but to reach the widest audience possible, social media, and in particular Facebook, with its more than two billion members is the obvious platform. Increasingly, businesses are asking their SEO providers to include social media management as part of their broader digital marketing strategy. Facebook’s latest video marketing tools provide a powerful new way of capturing the imagination of a wider audience than ever.

Facebook Watch Means Anyone Can Become Famous

Today’s business leaders are more media savvy than ever, and the video conferencing age means many are at home talking to a camera. CEOs routinely provide webinars and broadcast company news, annual results and the like.

Facebook Watch has, to date, been a predominantly US-based service that has streamed popular TV shows. However, it is set to expand dramatically, both in terms of geography and scope. It has announced that privately created video content will soon be available to all users via the tool, which will provide the perfect platform for companies to get their message across to a wide audience.

Brand Collabs Tool Connects Companies With Content Providers

Of course, not every company wants to create its own videos, and it doesn’t always make sense to do so. We have all seen corporate videos that are more cringe-worthy than compelling, and while they might be entertaining in their own way, they do little to promote a professional brand image and increase sales. Given that so many businesses outsource blog writing to third parties, it is fair to assume that even more will want to leave video creation in the hands of the experts.

Facebook’s Brands Collabs tool provides an easy way to do so. It gives content creators a chance to showcase their portfolios to potential clients, while at the same time allowing businesses to narrow down providers according to the type of content they produce and the demographics that they are best at engaging with.

Interactivity Adds Variety

Video content is not all about someone standing in front of a camera and telling you to buy their latest washing machine or use their web design services. The watchword in 21st-century digital marketing is user engagement, so interactive video content is hugely important.

This can work in a number of ways. Some videos use survey-type questions, while others conduct polls in which users can vote to decide what is going to be shown next. Gamification is another area that can bring more interest and engagement in a product or service and is an area that is only starting to be explored.

Facebook’s latest tools will bring some of the most powerful aspects of digital marketing together. It pays to get involved now, as they are certain to have a significant impact on the way businesses engage with their customers and leads in the months and years to come.