Joanne Sia from Warwick Business School was a runner-up in our Future of Digital Marketing competition, asking students from across the country what the future of the industry looked like to them in 500-1,000 words. Joanne’s article stood out for its fresh ideas and punchy style. Read her entry below:

You Are The Future of Digital Marketing

You. You are the future of digital marketing. From the clothes that you wear to what you consume. Connectivity, speed, the internet. It’s all about you. Ever wondered why all the advertisements you see on social media are so in line with your interests? What you like and what you seek. It’s everywhere. Stop talking about social media, it’s a norm now. Get ahead with the times, it’s you that companies want. Companies want you to become their brand managers by using and advocating their products.

ZARA. It’s good, it’s affordable, it’s pretty on camera. What do you do? You tell your friends, you share it on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. Their marketing is done. It’s quick, effective and simple. Cash registers ring as the cash rolls in. It’s a success! Zara’s marketing campaign worked and it is all because of you.

Relevance is what companies need to stay afloat in this fast-changing environment of ours. How do they do that? Well, by staying relevant to you. You use digital platforms from the moment you open your eyes every morning to when you recoup for the night. It’s a way of life now. You have full access to the masses, unlike the past, where only big companies have that privilege. Every post you make is an advert. The delicious pasta you had at Borough Market, the cute chic dress you wore at in front of Times Square and even the service you rated a 4 out of 10 at a hotel in Budapest. You are selling what you believe in.

Without Even Knowing, The Future of Digital Marketing Lies in Your Hands.

What is digital marketing going to look like? It looks a lot like daily life. Without knowing it, marketing is everywhere. Taking a break on YouTube to watch “Top 10 trade secrets of MacDonald employees”? You wait patiently for the 5 seconds WIX advert to play without questioning before clicking “Skip Ads”. Why? It’s a life that you are getting used to, you adapt and embrace. You think nothing of it.

You use YouTube as a form of entertainment and education every single day. Hence, it is because of you that companies choose YouTube as an advertisement platform. As a result, the first online business website you are thinking of creating would be on WIX has officially succeeded in digital marketing. It seems that this is the path to the next era of digital marketing, taking YOU as the basis. Essentially, your way of living acts as a stepping stone for digital marketing to happen. Once you are “captured” by the advertisements, you then act as a spokesperson, in this case, you will become an advocate for WIX.

The online world is now intertwined with our physical one. Digital marketing is not a new phenomenon. In the past, digital marketing was remembered as simple email advertisements to big billboards along highways. The consumers, however, had no say or influence in the product. 2020 and beyond is a new age for digital marketing. Everyone possesses the power to advertise or criticise. The world is changing, and YOU are the future of digital marketing.

By Joanne Sia from Warwick Business School