We’ve come to the conclusion that SEO is quite a lot like a game of snakes and ladders.

Not because it goes on forever and sometimes results in tantrums, but because it’s not normally a straightforward route to the top. One day you’re on cloud nine because you’ve finally broken page one, a week later and you’ve slipped back because a competitor got some great links.

Throw in the joy of climbing a few positions, or the despair of being negatively impacted by an algorithm update, and it really does feel like you’re in a real-life version of the classic boardgame. Sometimes it’s a case of playing by the rules, waiting patiently for your turn and enjoying the results, others it can feel (quite literally!) like you’re back to square one.

We’ve put together a graphic of SEO snakes and ladders, or mistakes and ladders if you will, plotting the highs (like being included in a featured snippets) and the lows (well let’s be honest, you know them), of search engine optimisation.

And of course, remember – when you do finally get to that top left-hand square – position one – the game is only really beginning. Now you have to try and stay there!

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