Kick start your social marketing campaign for 2018 by making use of Twitter’s affordable automated Promote Mode. We discuss its features and benefits here.

If you’re an SME that’s previously struggled to get to grips with Twitter Ads, you may have been praying for a faster and more affordable solution to your social advertising needs. Well, late last year, your luck came in.

It’s been tested and it’s been approved – and now Twitter is presenting its new Promote Mode feature as ‘your always-on promotion engine’. For a flat fee of just $99 per month, the platform will automatically select promoted tweets for you. It will amplify your message to a relevant audience without being prompted, and it will cap your budget to prevent you from parting with your cash every time you want to get an important post out there.

Promote Mode’s Features

When you subscribe to Promote Mode, you will get up to 10 promoted tweets per day. You don’t need to do anything special to take advantage of this new tool, other than pay the monthly subscription fee and tweet as you would normally do. Carry on publishing brand updates, snippets of information and links to content, and Twitter itself will decide which of your efforts end up on the timelines of your non-followers.

The feature is primarily designed for use on mobiles, but it can also be accessed via desktop if you prefer this setup (follow this link for more information on this).

You can place your Promotion Status on pause at any time. Twitter will still bill you the full monthly amount, even if your promotion is inactive for hours, days or weeks at a time, so those who keep it switched on all the time will benefit the most from the feature. However, in some circumstances, it makes sense to put a halt to any extra promotion – for example, perhaps a seasonal business is nearing the end of its peak period, or its owners or key workers are planning to go on holiday. Either way, they may not be able to take on new customers or clients, so their advertising efforts will be wasted.

Why Has Twitter Launched Promote Mode?

Twitter’s sales have been in slight decline. Overall, its ad revenue was down 8% compared to last year. While the company certainly isn’t struggling, this kick up the proverbial may have helped its team identify a gap in the paid advertising market for less-established businesses that don’t have the time, budget or inclination to manage complex advertising campaigns. Promote Mode gives these organisations a chance to be heard. The idea is that promoted ads will help them attract more followers, which will lead to extended reach and a better return on the investment they’re making in the platform. On paper, it’s a win/win situation for everybody – but how will it work in practice?

Will Promote Mode Work For My Business?

The only way to tell if Promote Mode is going to lead to an increased presence on Twitter is to give it a try. Ultimately, if your tweets are uninspiring, unengaging and few and far between, you can expect to receive little to nothing from the new automated service. On the other hand, if you’re seeing a lot of interaction already, without paying for the privilege, there’s a strong chance that your account will fly with the extra support of Promote Mode.

If you need a little help putting together attention-grabbing posts, have a read of our blog on how to tweet for your business.

Twitter has said that, in its current state, Promote Mode will work best for accounts that have less than 2,000 followers. Its team are hoping to bring in more promotion tiers for businesses and individuals with larger followings further down the line.

At the time of writing, Twitter’s Promote Mode is in public beta; it’s only available in the UK, US and Japan. The company does plan to roll it out to more regions in the near future. If your location is currently out of range, you can keep up to date with Twitter’s progress by entering your details here.