There’s never been more discord around link building for SEO. As Google continually evolves its algorithms to favour a more natural approach to marketing, it’s no surprise that people’s attention turns towards whether link building is a safe and effective technique anymore.

The answer is that link building has never been more important, it just needs to be more careful and considered than ever before.

Google makes judgements about your site, and therefore where to rank you, based on your link profile. The quality, quantity, relevance and recency of your backlinks allow Google to establish how trusted and popular your site is, as well as which industry you sit within.

Content-led link building

Our link building strategies are always content-led. We curate a comprehensive list of link opportunities that span blogging platforms, guest blogs, directories, press releases and editorial coverage. We consider metrics such as domain authority, traffic, relevance and social signals.

Carefully considered link distribution

Good quality, relevant links into your domain will always benefit your site as a whole, but it’s important to consider page-level links too.

This is an often-overlooked strategy, but Google takes direction from you on how you value your pages — if all of your backlinks are into your home page and not your key service pages, then Google won’t value them either, and therefore won’t rank them as highly. Just a handful of good quality links at a page level can make a big difference to your positions for that target landing page.

Competitor link profile analysis

We analyse the link profiles of your main online competitors to gain an understanding of where they are acquiring their links from. This will help us understand why they are performing so well in organic search. This process often brings new, industry-specific opportunities to light and allows us to develop more tailored and impactful campaigns.

Disavow where necessary

Our SEO consultants will analyse your link profile, identifying any potentially harmful links that might be restricting the performance of your site in search. If we feel there is a high volume of these links that may be creating a disproportionate view of your business, we’ll undergo a disavow process that informs Google to disassociate you from these links.