In a recent blog post, we touched upon the concept of zero-click searches, a phenomenon that has been shaping the digital landscape for some time. Today, let’s delve deeper into this topic and explore how it could influence the performance of your SEO strategies.

Understanding Zero-Click Searches

Zero-click searches, AKA ‘no-click’ searches, occur when a search engine delivers the user the information they’re looking for directly on the results page, eliminating the need to click on a link for further details. For instance, if you were to search ‘population of Chelmsford’, the answer is presented upfront without requiring any additional action.


Evolution of Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Google has been at the forefront of introducing various features and widgets on the SERP, including featured snippets, knowledge panels, videos, carousels, and answer boxes. This has led to a notable surge in zero-click searches. According to a recent report from SEMrush, these searches now constitute a significant 25.6% of desktop searches on Google.

Source: SEMrush

The Impact on SEO

As businesses witness a shift in user behaviour towards consuming information directly from the results page, the question arises – are zero-click searches detrimental to SEO? Some argue that Google is merely adapting to user preferences, presenting results in a more user-friendly manner. Consequently, companies need to reassess their SEO strategies, aligning them with user needs and the evolving Google infrastructure.

If you target a keyword that already has an instant answer at the top of the results page, it’s going to be difficult to get traffic. However, there is some benefit to obtaining zero-click searches, in the form of brand visibility.

Strategies for SEO Success

To secure organic traffic amidst the rise of zero-click searches, a strategic approach is essential. Focus on understanding the types of searches where zero-click results are prevalent, such as questions, and adapt your strategy accordingly. Conduct a thorough keyword analysis to identify queries already addressed in instant answers, allowing you to tailor your strategy towards longer-tail keywords and content that adds substantial value.

The Nuances of Zero-Click Impact

The effect of zero-click searches varies across industries and businesses. While obtaining clicks might prove challenging for certain keywords, there is an opportunity for increased brand visibility. A nuanced approach is required to identify keywords with higher click potential, ensuring a more effective return on your SEO investment.

There will still be keywords where the potential for clicks is higher than others. Ultimately, targeting these will lead to a better return on investment for your SEO spend.

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