The Cost Considerations Of SEO For Your Business

Trying to implement a cost-effective SEO strategy for your organisation? Consider outsourcing as an affordable solution which delivers excellent results.

Search engines are the primary gateway to achieving success for your business online. By ranking well for keywords that are relevant to your niche, you can gain a distinct advantage over competitors and attract those much-needed clicks that can turn leads into sales and profits. Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the complex set of techniques and skills that promotes your website in such a way that it will gain favour with Google and the other major search giants. However, SEO is not a quick-fix solution to achieving digital visibility. The Internet evolves so rapidly that it is necessary for companies who are serious about making an impact online, to invest significantly in SEO as an ongoing marketing strategy. The question is – do you outsource this responsibility or allocate it to a dedicated in-house team?


When trying to decide who to assign your SEO tasks to, it is useful to take into account the cost of search engine marketing to a business. The amount that you will need to budget to gain an effective position within search is variable, based on the amount of competition that exists within your industry, as well as the types of SEO techniques you employ to optimise your strategy. The general cost range of using an outsourced SEO company can run between £250-750 per month depending on the level of package you choose.

If you’re looking at conducting search engine optimisation in-house, then it is useful to know that the average SEO salary currently stands at around £37,500. Of course, taking into account holiday cover and sick leave, you’ll probably want to have at least two SEO specialists on your team, so you’d be looking at around £65,000 in salary costs for your organisation, plus hiring fees. You could reduce this cost by assigning SEO tasks to your existing digital marketing team, but this then removes that dedicated commitment that you’ll need for your business to succeed online.


SEO trends change constantly as Google adjusts its complex algorithms to meet the needs of website visitors. Corporate SEO consultants must keep abreast of current developments in search in order to keep their skills updated and on-trend. The cost of a basic SEO course can run into the thousands, although there is a wealth of free guides and resources online which may be useful if you are trying to keep costs at a minimum.

Diverse Skillsets

Whichever route you decide to take for your search engine optimisation strategy, it is essential that you use SEO experts who have incredibly diverse skills. They must have a deep understanding of social media, content marketing, website design, outreach and link-building as well as the use of various sophisticated analytical tools that will track the progress and performance of your online campaigns. Professional outsourced teams are made up of a number of experts with extensive experience in these fields, who are able to combine their knowledge into the creation of a winning SEO strategy for your organisation.

Ongoing Considerations

Always keep track of your SEO performance and the ROI that it delivers for your company so that you can make any adjustments as needed. It is also essential that you work with either in-house or outsourced SEO professionals who don’t take shortcuts. A quality reputable outsourced team will only utilise white-hat techniques that will stand you in good stead with Google and keep your business visible in search.

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