Case Study: Zing Events

A redesign of their website, taking into account mobile-responsiveness, ease of use, and functionality with WordPress as the CMS.

zing website


A UK based team building management company

Zing Events work with a wide range of companies, including many within the FTSE 100. Zing Events approached FSE Digital in Q4 2015 keen to launch a complete redesign of their website. The deadline for development was established as early December 2015.


We immediately arranged a meeting with company founders Andy Wells (Creative Director) and Charlie Berry (Event Director) to discuss which kinds of styles would best showcase their brand.

The client chose to incorporate a classic style into their template; their preferred colour scheme incorporates three shades of coffee, a green that is reminiscent of the shade used comprehensively by, and a shot of bright pink which signifies an intense combination of action, excitement, and joy. This fairly muted combination allows the events photography to shine.

zing events colour scheme


As soon as we received the mock-up, we opened up a live staging platform so that Andy and Charlie could view the website’s assembly for themselves at each stage of its development. Collaborating with Andy and Charlie was easy – they were very open and honest with our designers at every step of the process.

Using cloud storage tool Dropbox, Zing shared hundreds of high resolution images which had been enhanced using special filters. These images were then optimized for web use; the process included shrinking them to an appropriate file size, and adjusting their dimensions to ensure they would load quickly and efficiently.

Once various elements of the design were ready for viewing on the staging platform, we transferred it over to their domain, implementing a maintenance page while we assessed various factors that could affect the site’s performance in search. We looked at fixing broken links, implementing permanent redirects, and revising content, meta data and header elements in line with the company’s preferred targeted search terms.


The site was launched at the very start of 2016. Users have already commented on the enhanced functionality and interactive nature of the design.

The new Zing Events website is fully scalable in that its architecture will allow the team to edit and add new events as and when they are introduced. Its bold, straightforward design also enables us to better promote Zing’s key events, including their popular Cocktail Masterclasses and Casino Evenings.

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