Case Study: Flora Select

When Flora Select approached us in December 2019, they ultimately wanted to see an increase in their online sales. Within less than 6 months we were able to build the number of transactions through the website by 451% year-on-year.


To create a sustainable flow of traffic, we prioritised organic search, as well as improvements to the website’s user experience.

With this in mind, our main objectives were to:


Increase organic search traffic


Increase online sales

A focus on technical SEO

In order to make sure the website had the best chance of ranking organically, we carried out a thorough SEO audit, establishing opportunities to improve performance.

Optimising their XML sitemap, improving internal linking and fixing redirect loops were just a few of the ways we helped the site to become more visible.

Optimising user experience

Adjusting the navigation helped us ensure that users could find the most important pages as easily as possible, and improving calls to action meant a clearer path to purchase for Flora Select’s customers.

We also added relevant and informative content to their best-selling product pages, to help them reach informed decisions.

A content and PR strategy  

Article topics driven by data, were also added to the website, to complement an offsite content strategy which included contributing to industry magazines, and collaborating with journalists on relevant projects.


Growing Flora Select’s presence on social media 

Developing a comprehensive social media calendar, allowed us to put together engaging content to increase activity, as well as take into account all of the venue’s upcoming events, and promote open days.

Improving the experience of mobile users

Recognising that mobile users accounted for over two thirds of their site traffic, we made mobile optimisation a priority.

Adapting the layout of product pages, resizing headings, and introducing a sliding carousel plug in helped make sure we were converting as much traffic as possible.


  • A year-on-year increase of total website traffic of 136%
  • An increase in organic traffic of 282%.
  • Average time spent on the site for the same time period increased by 12%
  • Sales from the website saw a year-on-year increase of 215%
  • Sales specifically from organic search traffic increased by 451%
  • We also saw an increase in mobile traffic of 116%
  • Page 1 search positions for competitive industry terms

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