Case Study: Essex Smile Centre

Essex Smile Centre came to us for help expanding their clientele across the county. Through a multi-channel marketing strategy, we were able to quadruple their monthly call volumes.


As well as increase their number of enquiries, Essex Smile Centre were also keen to expand their customer base and build more of a brand online.

Showcasing key partnerships, as well as making the website more prominent on Google was a key priority for the client.

With this in mind, our main objectives were to:



Increase organise search positions and optimise their Google Ads account



Introduce call tracking, for a more intelligent campaign


As is typical in the dentistry industry, a high number of enquiries come via phone calls, and in order to best understand what led to these calls we needed to implement call tracking, especially with so many different online and offline marketing channels in play, from billboards and newsletters, to organic search listings and social media.

Call tracking allowed us to identify where their calls originated from, down to the exact second, area, and demographic of caller. This data was invaluable in creating a successful strategy; dictating our work across all channels.


Optimising website content for user experience as well as SEO was a focal point in our strategy, as was earning links and mentions from other relevant and authoritative websites.

Given the nature of cosmetic dentistry, we decided to tap into the psyche of the user, shaping our content strategy around questions and answer based copy for their main service pages. Adding Schema markup code to these pages also helped us improve the click-through-rate of our organic listings.

To build trust with their audience, it was crucial to display their expertise, experience and professional partnerships with leading brands and products, which is why we created content campaigns around their Invisalign open evenings, as well as their relationship with Straumann, the global gold standard in implant and aesthetic dentistry.


Paying attention to the structure of Essex Smile Centre’s Google Ads account, as well as experimenting with different phrase matching options and ad copy, was key in decreasing their cost per click and improving their quality score.


With our organic and paid search campaigns driving more traffic to the website, we needed to be sure we were converting as many of these new visitors as possible.

We improved the user experience across the site, making it easier for users to find key information and answers to commonly asked questions, as well as tweaking conversion points across the website, encouraging more patients to get in touch.


Essex Smile Centre are now proud to be one of the most successful dentists in Essex.

    • Website traffic doubled in the past year
    • Phone calls increased by 201%
    • Paid search traffic up 511%, whilst conversions from PPC have doubled
    • Position 1 on the first page of Google for a vast number of competitive keywords, including “Invisalign braces Essex”, “Invisalign retainers Essex”, “Teeth whitening Essex” and “Dental implants Essex”
    • We also attained a featured snippet for the keyword “Composite Bonding”, a term that reaches an average 5,400 searches per month

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