Case Study: Crondon Park

Prior to the start of the busy summer season, the management team were keen to overhaul their marketing communications – and, in particular, their SEO strategy – to secure more bookings.

crondon park website


Essex-based golf club and wedding venue

The venue was clearly well-regarded amongst its loyal guests, but was struggling to attract enquiries from new customers. This was largely because its presence in both organic and paid search channels could be enhanced significantly.

Many techniques used within Crondon’s existing digital campaign were virtually obsolete. The company’s social media accounts were not being updated regularly, and the website itself could be improved to encourage a higher volume of conversions.

With this in mind, our
two main objectives were to:

brochure downloads

Increase brochure downloads from organic sources on the website

social media increase

Increase the venue’s visibility on social media to strengthen the brand and better position it amongst local competitors


As many potential customers were relying on local search results when researching similar venues, our technical SEO team set about improving Crondon’s Maps Pack results for high-competition search terms.

The company was ranking in positions 2-3 on page 1 for a range of medium-level, Essex-based search terms with a reasonable amount of monthly searches, but it was clear from our research that to achieve a more impressive number of conversions, we needed to aim higher.

Combining the expertise of our technical SEOs with our content strategists, paid search team and social managers, we developed a multi-tiered search strategy that included ongoing organic SEO, UX optimisation, promotional outreach, Google AdWords account optimisation and consistent social channel management.


Core SEO
FSE Digital carried out extensive keyword research to identify suitable keywords that reflected the two separate arms of Crondon’s main business sources: golf, and weddings. Once search terms had been agreed between our consultants and the client, the website’s content was refreshed and re-optimised for better engagement and to encourage users to download the company’s brochure.

Onsite Optimisation
We carried out a comprehensive audit that reviewed the website’s design, structure and content. The results assisted the team in identifying problems with the website that were affecting its search performance. Resulting action points included:

  • An overhaul of website page structure and internal page content
  • Updates to the page navigation system, including internal link mapping
  • Identifying/correcting a major server issue which was causing 30% crawl fails
  • Transferring the website to a more stable hosting package
  • Transferring to an SSL secure site

Social Media Management
Organisation was key to optimising Crondon’s social accounts. With input from the client, our social managers developed a comprehensive social media calendar that noted all of the venue’s upcoming events. Content and media was scheduled for all of the business’s main social platforms – notably Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – to get people talking about the company again. We developed a mix of both promotional posts and reactionary posts to ensure the campaign was engaging and as organic as possible. No paid social platforms were utilised at this stage.

PPC Management
Our paid search consultants reviewed Crondon’s existing Google AdWords account to identify key conversion times. They developed a brand new scheduling structure and amended the client’s bid strategy for effective (and more affordable) ad targeting. Ads were set to appear within a 20 mile radius only, eliminating click wastage and paving the way for more valuable enquiries from the local area.

The ads themselves were revised – the wording was changed to appeal to users with suitable budgets. All copy was split-tested. Remarketing campaigns were researched and managed to ensure we were reaching as many potential customers as possible.

goal completions


  • #1 organic positions for all medium-competition localised search terms, including “wedding venues”
  • 37% increase in clicks from local search
  • 48% increase in indexed organic keywords
  • Average 62% increase in monthly brochure downloads
  • Nearly 15,000 interactions on the Facebook page alone, with single posts reaching at least 4,000 users
  • Google AdWords click spend reduction of 20% whilst generating an increase in conversions
  • 33% increase in Facebook likes and followers
  • Awarded a coveted “Very Responsive” Facebook badge
  • Record number of post engagements on Instagram
  • 30% increase in Twitter followers
  • 55% increase in Instagram followers

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