Cosmetic Dentistry Industry

Marketing for the cosmetic dentistry industry

We understand the cosmetic dentistry industry. We know the seasonal trends of your sector, we’re familiar with the user journey of your customers, and we know how to help you expand your client base. We can work with you to put together a campaign that helps you grow your business.

We’re a digital agency specialising in search marketing, but ultimately driven by your bottom-line objectives. We’ll draw upon the right strategy, skills and channels to have the biggest impact on your business.

Our experience with cosmetic dentists

We’ve worked closely with clients in the industry, running SEO for cosmetic dentists over the past few years. As well as open them up to a larger pool of potential customers, we’ve helped them to convert these extra users through user experience improvements, intelligent tracking and multi-channel campaigns.

How we helped Essex Smile Centre quadruple their monthly calls

When Essex Smile Centre first approached us, they simply weren’t visible in Google for their core search terms. An SEO strategy centred around helpful content and UX improvements helped us get them to position 1 for keywords like “Invisalign retainers Essex”, “Teeth whitening Essex” and “Dental implants Essex”. Restructuring and optimising their Google Ads account was also key in doubling their website traffic within the past year.

Essex Smile Centre are now proud to be one of the most successful dentists in the county, delivering four times their average monthly call volumes.

Find out how we did it.


seo audit


90% of searchers don’t venture past the first page – SEO has never been more important, and we can make your website more prominent on Google.


We can optimise your paid search accounts to make sure you’re getting as much relevant traffic as possible, at the right cost.


The right content really gets to the heart of what you do, who you are and what makes you different. Let us tell you story for you.


You need to be where your audience are, and more often than not, that’s on social media. We can put together organic and paid social campaigns to help you reach the right people with the right message.


Building brand awareness is the first step to expanding your client base. Our approach to PR uses our digital expertise to inform and amplify your PR strategy.


Whether you’re nurturing new prospects or keeping current clients engaged, email marketing is a well-established marketing channel for a reason – it features at every point in the customer journey.



In such a visual industry, it’s important that your website gives the right impression. Our web designers and developers can create an evolution of your existing site or design and build a new website from start to finish.

The importance of call tracking

Due to the nature of cosmetic dentistry, it’s normal that many of your enquiries will come in the form of calls. To put together a strategy that yields the best response, we need to understand what led to these calls, especially for campaigns that span multiple channels.

Implementing call tracking allows us to attribute these calls to each particular activity, as well as provide information on the caller’s location and demographics. This data is invaluable and helps us to refine our strategy and get you more enquiries.

Find out how we made it work for Essex Smile Centre:

The importance of local search

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, many people will opt for a provider in their local area. That’s why optimising for local search is so important. Making sure your site is in the top search results for localised keywords, as well as ensuring your Google My Business listing has up-to-date information and great imagery, is not only great for increasing traffic but increasing brand awareness.

Even for larger companies, the collective uptick in traffic from optimising local branches shouldn’t be underestimated!

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