Use Social Media To Great Effect

If you’re wondering how to establish a great online presence for your new venture, then use these creative ways to make a splash with social media.

It’s an exciting time for startups in the UK, as 80 new companies are formed every hour according to recent statistics revealed by StartupBritain. Yet, alongside this positive news, is the rather more gloomy fact that only four out of every ten businesses will make it past the five-year mark. So, what is the recipe for success? It’s not enough just to have an innovative idea or product. Nor is it adequate to build a fantastic-looking website and then sit back and expect consumers to find you. If you want your venture to succeed, you’ll need to find a way to market it and make sure the world knows that you’re in operation. Here are five fun and cheap ways to promote your business via social media.

Collect Charity Likes

One way to make a great impression on your target market is to show that you’re willing to give a little back. Millennials want to change the world for the better, and with recent data from Blackbaud’s annual Giving Report suggesting that online giving grew by 7.9% in 2016, it’s clear that the tech-savvy generation is happy to give to worthy causes. To demonstrate the commitment of your business to get involved, why not offer £100 to charity for every 100 Facebook likes that you get for your business page? This way, everyone’s a winner!

Viral Video

If you want to make a splash across the Internet for all the right reasons, then it’s a great idea to make a viral video. The content of the video doesn’t necessarily need to be related to your business, but having your website and social links tagged in it means that if your video is popular, then you’ll achieve mass brand recognition all for the one-off cost of producing your film.

Host An Online Demo Or Class

What better way to showcase your product or service, than by providing an informative demo on how it can be used. Video marketing has surged in 2017 with 82% of Twitter users now watching vids on the social platform. Make sure that you deliver value to your followers by producing content that is useful for them; this is also a strategy that is popular with those offering search engine optimisation services, as it allows web visitors to find your site more easily online.

Run A Fun Campaign

Some social networks have specific policies about running a campaign, so always check before you launch anything. However, an incredibly effective way to gain followers and establish yourself within your chosen industry is to run an online competition that helps your followers to engage with your brand.

Using Humour Wisely

Internet visitors like to enjoy good humour, so try and inject a little personality into your blog and social posts to entice your followers to keep coming back for more of your wonderful words. If news gets out that you’re delivering witty and on-trend remarks, this can create a really positive image for your brand. However, it’s important to use this tactic with care. If your business is involved in a typically formal or sensitive industry such as healthcare, then it’s essential that you don’t cause offence.

Social media can be a completely free way to promote your brand online. The downside is that everyone is doing it, but with a little creativity, you can easily stand head and shoulders above the crowd in 2018.